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“You’re attracted to her.”

It wasn’t a question. Rafe shrugged. “I’m attracted to a lot of people, Bruce.”

“I wasn’t talking about you.” The man folded his arms, tilted his head. “When was the last time that your beast was attracted to someone?”

“All the fucking time,” he answered, stalking off. Not wanting to admit that it was a lie, even while he knew that Bruce wouldn’t buy it. The last few women that he’d been with had been a physical attraction at most, but this one…

He didn’t know Hattie from Adam for crying out loud. But the urge to protect her was stronger than the urge to stay away—and so was the urge to just…feel.

“I’m not going to do anything during the full moon, Rafe,” Bruce said, understanding. The man’s expression darkened, an agony that Rafe could taste. “I’m not going to hurt her.”


Something gleamed on Bruce’s face, leveling with him. “She’s skittish, you know. She must’ve been hurt before.”

“I know. I’m not blind.”

“So if your beast wants—”

“My beast just wants to chase rabbits tonight,” Rafe cut in, refusing to discuss it any further.

Bruce opened his mouth, then snapped it shut at the beep of his phone. When he read the text, the easygoing expression shifted into darkness again, this one accompanied by a frown.

“Council meeting tonight. There’s trouble.”

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